School Sued in Online Photo Controversy

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I found this very quite interesting in AOL news article. Ugh, I hate when most of the school got the things personally, *eye rolls* anyway, I am against on this part which it is very ridiculous when the school got overreacted on that thing. 2 girls just post their picture in their myspace profile which during the summer but what the heck is the school are doing!? Can you imagine if your own children got suspended and cannot do anything during fall semester!? Oh boy, I can’t imagine if my own children got in this situation like those girls. I feel very sorry about those girls got suspended/cannot do anything such like sports, activites.

I would love to show you the article. Here you go, don’t get stunned. 🙂

What the most dumbest news that I ever read – Article I think it’s silly for them to do those thing to those girl, jeez.

Leave a comment if you are against with their action on those girls. 

Jeez, what is wrong with this world am I living on!? 



Comcast .vs. internet companies

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This post I want to discuss about –

Comcast .vs. internet companies. So I would prefer to pick Comcast over other internet companies since Comcast have the best service, internet speed is very high than others. But I am very curious like a cat to know what kind of company that you like to use or using it currently?


Why I am talking about this? I noticed most of the internet company that many people using, tend to having the problem with their internet like I use Wireless under AT&T, it is sucks for now because it cause the internet very slow and not running properly.. also youtube fk’ed up when I click “play” but I have to refresh like 4 or 5 times to get it played, ugh!

Such like –

Many friend of mine told me that Comcast is trying to steal a lot of the money, it doesn’t to me. I only pay like 60 dollar per month for the internet.. not rip-off for me since it is best internet that I have been using since. Strange, AT&T is similar to Comcast but less speed than what Comcast.

My recommeded for the people who can’t afford the internet – I would say AT&T, it is best for all.

Feel free to leave a comment – 🙂

Feds: No more arrests for pot-smoking patients

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57c4f579-3d34-4360-983b-b0b89e707071.widec I just found it out on and I saw one article which I think they are joking about this but turn out, it wasn’t. But why would Federal legalized the pot-smoking in this year, why not in long time ago until this year. Very interesting article, do you think they should allow it for medicine reason? for me, I don’t think so because many people can take that advantage to pot-smoking to fool the doctor like “I need pot because of my health” but behind of all of this, just want to get high or feeling good.

Do you agreed with the federal’s action to legalized this in 14 states so far? Leave a comment, you can find this article – Link

Enjoy! 🙂

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